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JRSBirthdaySuit Sphynx


We are a small sphynx cattery, and now French Bulldog breeder, located in Lehighton Pennsylvania. These loveable cats became part of our lives in 2011 and the Frenchie's in 2019.

My cats and dogs live in my home. They are part of my family and they run the house!

Having a cattery AND breeding dogs is a 24/7 job that never ends. We do have lots of help here with the work. We are a family of eight, and all of my kids find joy for the cats and dogs, and are always willing to help.

A little background:  I started breeding dogs in the early 2000's. Boxer's are my first love. They were my first try at becoming a breeder.  My mom has been breeding dogs all of my life, so its in my blood! Then in 2011 I got my first sphynx.  It was not hard to fall in love with the breed. They are the most, goofy, loving cat that are willing to take all the attending and love they can get.  In 2015 I started working full time and breeding the dogs was too much work so decided to put breeding dogs on hold for a few years, dedicating a lot of time to breeding these great cats. In the last few years I found the wonderful French Bulldog breed. I did not know I was a "little" dog person until I met my first Frenchie. They are the BEST, like babies. So on to this new journey. I hope to spread the joy of owning these breeds. 

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